Ali Ebrahimian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 305-348-0000



Dr. Ebrahimian’s research areas explore the linkages between urban hydrology, land cover dynamics, stormwater green infrastructure technology, and water-energy-food systems to address challenges in urban and coastal resilience and sustainability. He uses a blend of several disciplines including hydrology and water resources engineering, soil sciences, GIS, and risk, decision, and systems sciences in his research, and extensively integrates sensor-based monitoring and field measurements, hydrologic modeling, and spatial multi-criteria risk analysis in his projects. Prior to joining FIU, Dr. Ebrahimian was a Research Professor at the Center for Resilient Water Systems at Villanova University where he focused on dynamic modeling and design of green stormwater infrastructure systems. Ebrahimian received his PhD degree in Civil Engineering from University of Minnesota. Since 1998, he has served in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies as a researcher, consulting engineer, modeler, designer, systems analyst, and project manager in both academia and industry.