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A consortium of five universities, are formed, to provide the nation, with the state of the art engineering solutions, to make the existing and new infrastructure, located in the eastern coastal and gulf areas, resilient to extreme events, such as hurricanes and flooding, including manmade events, such as terrorist acts. Further, to provide, the decision makers, with tools and solutions, to ensure that these coastal areas are able to return to normal operation, with minimal interruption to normal day-to-day life.

Florida International University (FIU) along with University of Maine, Texas A&M University, Louisiana Transportation Research Center and University of Oklahoma have agreed to collaborate and provide congress, agencies and authorities with high-level technical advice and resources that is absolutely needed to spend the tax payers money in most efficient manner.

One of the major activities that has been initiated by the consortium, is organizing the webinar series, devoted to latest development and knowledge in the area. We hope that you will enjoy the webinar and please do not hesitate to provide us your suggestions, feedbacks and comments, by sending an email to Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, at aazizina@fiu.edu

Please see below for information on coalition contact person at each partner university.

Lead University 

Florida International University

  • Joe Colaco, Professor of Practice (Lead)
  • Larry Griffis, Professor of Practice
  • Atorod Azizinamini, Director, Preeminent Institute for Resilient and Sustainable Coastal Infrastructure (InteRaCt)

Partner Universities

University of Maine

  • Habib Dagher, Executive Director, Bath Iron Works Professor of Structural Engineering

University of Oklahoma

  • Musharraf Zaman, David Ross Boyd Professor and Aaron Alexander Professor of Civil Engineering; Alumni Chair Professor of Petroleum and Geological Engineering Director, Southern Plains Transportation Center

Louisiana State University - Louisiana Transportation Research Center

  • Vijaya (VJ) K.A. Gopu, Professor, Associate Director, Louisiana Transportation Research Center

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)

  • Bjorn Birgisson, TEES Eminent Professor